Singapore Lottery – Why Lottery Is So Popular In Singapore?


Lottery, as a form of gambling, is quite popular amongst people nowadays. With its own specific scheme, the lottery tends to be lighter in nature compared to the other kind of gambling. Thus, it is such a reasonable thing when its enthusiasts come from any kinds of backgrounds: whether they are youngsters or the elders, a gambling addict or just the casual ones. Such a phenomenon also can be seen in the Singapore lottery.


Seen from its development, lottery Singapore is such a prominent industry. There, the industry is also regulated by the government – appears in the form of a licensed pool and is administered by a legal lottery operator. It is based on the assumption that the industry provides more benefit than harm: the profit from the lottery is used by the government for charities and good causes.


Basically, the Singapore lottery is identical to two types: the first one is TOTO; the second is 4D Singapore, also known as 4-Digits. For your information, these two lotteries are the biggest lottery in Singapore. Singapore Pools, as the legalized and licensed pool in Singapore, runs, operates, and regulates both of them. 


By way of a legitimate, benign, and principal Singapore lottery venue, Singapore Pools is under the auspices of Singapore’s Ministry of Finance. Through this, it provides very wide space and control for the government to intervene in the activities of the industry. It also allows the government to channel the profits generated by the gambling industry for the benefit of its people.


To be factual, several questions arise: “What are the differences between TOTO and 4D?”; “How to buy Singapore lottery online?”; and “Why lottery is so popular in Singapore?”. Seeing the nature of the questions, which mainly revolve around the discussion of lottery, then this article will further discuss the possible answer for those questions under the title “Singapore Lottery – Why Lottery Is So Popular In Singapore?”


Singapore Lottery – 4D Singapore vs. TOTO


Here will be discussed the two types of lottery in Singapore, i.e., 4D Singapore and TOTO. To understand the distinction between the two of them, some of their differences will be presented. It also includes where and how to buy the Singapore lottery online. Then, the discussion will appear as follow:


  • 4D Singapore

Based on history, 4D Singapore is the oldest type of lottery in Singapore. It was established in 1966 by one of the biggest lottery companies in Singapore, i.e., the Singapore Turf Club. Suited with its name, 4D Singapore based its draw on a four-digit number.


4D has several types of bet: Big Bet, Small Bet, Ordinary Entry, 4D Roll, System Entry, iBet, and Quick Pick. For more information about buying the 4D lottery online, you can visit the Singapore Pools website. There you will be guided thoroughly – from how to make a Singapore Pools account for placing the bet, to how to buy Singapore lottery online. Or you can also choose to place the bets by visiting the physical outlet.


  • TOTO

TOTO was established later, in 1968, to be exact. Due to the illegal gambling widespread in Singapore, then the government tried to control it by instituting a legal one. Different from the 4D Singapore, TOTO based its draw on the six-digit number.


TOTO also has several types of bets, including Ordinary Entry, System Entry, System Roll, and Quick Pick. You can also buy the Singapore lottery online, through the Singapore Pools website, by submitting an online account. You can also visit the Singapore Pools outlet for offline bet purchasing.


Singapore Lottery – Why It Is So Popular


People love the Singapore lottery, not only just because it has a lot of options and types to choose from, but also because of the number of prizes. Relatively, the 4D Singapore has a smaller amount of prizes compared to TOTO. For every USD 1 on the Small Bet, the prize can go up to USD 750, while for the Big Bet, up to USD 500. It is even bigger for the Ordinary Entry, System Entry, and the 4D Roll, in which the prizes can go up to USD 3000.


While the TOTO has a bigger amount of prizes, it has a different set of the scheme. There are several categories for the winners, while the biggest one: the Jackpot, can get up to USD 1 million at a minimum – And it is guaranteed! With such prizes, the Singapore lottery changed the life of many people. Because of that, a lot of people are eager to try it and wish the best for their luck to win the prizes.


And that’s the brief discussion of the Singapore lottery and why it is so popular amongst the people in the article entitled “Singapore Lottery – Why Lottery Is So Popular In Singapore?” Be sure to visit the Singapore Pools website for more information and updates!