All You Need To Know About Live Casino Online In Singapore


Today, the choices in the realm of casino-related entertainment are so varied. The enthusiasts who used to be categorized on certain choices are now more flexible in determining their favorite game. Thanks to advances in technology and networking that have made this possible – revolutionizing the casino-related entertainment industry to a more affordable and accessible form. Then let’s just say, the live casino Singapore is the one that also gets such an update.


The term ‘live casino’ is synonymous with ‘online casino’ when viewed from its form. Therefore, the two terms are combined into ‘live casino online’ in some cases. This form of entertainment is, basically, the same as the conventional form of a casino: presenting various types of games in one location/place. However, technological advances have made it available in digital form supported by online features – making it more compact and mobile.


In a live casino online, there are many games to choose from. Some of these include blackjack, bo, baccarat, roulette, slots, poker, and more. These games are played online and live with people participating in real-time from different places – they are brought together in one place on the live casino Singapore platform.


Just take a good look at some of the examples here. We got one of the most well-known live casino online in Singapore, i.e., the Dream Gaming. As a live casino online dealer operating in the Asia region, especially Southeast Asia, Dream Gaming has spread its wings in several countries.


Not only in Singapore, but Dream Gaming also has penetrated the entertainment market in Thailand and Malaysia. This provider operates on a smartphone application platform that can be downloaded on its website. Get a welcome bonus of 50% for first time players (terms and conditions apply).


However, this discussion will not fully talk about Dream Gaming only. This discussion will put more of its weight on another provider called Evolution Gaming. What kind of provider is it? What difference does it have compared to Dream Gaming? Thus, in that case, we will try to answer these questions in this article entitled ”All You Need To Know About Live Casino Online In Singapore”.


Live Casino Online In Singapore – Evolution Gaming


To get to know Evolution Gaming further, this provider is a corporate group engaged in business to business (B2B) that supports various world-class Live Casino brands, Random Number Generators (RNG or gacha), and slots. Founded for the first time in 2006 as a live dealer platform focusing on the European market, so far, Evolution Gaming has been able to acquire several other online gambling entertainment companies. The acquired companies, there are Red Tiger, DigiWheel, Ezugi, Big Time Gaming, and NetEnt.


With so much experience, Evolution Gaming has several excellent services and features. Through these, Evolution Gaming has been able to penetrate the North American casino market. Some of those services and features will be discussed as follows:


  • Various Games to Play

The first and most exalted service by Evolution Gaming is their variety of games. Something so unique is that the variety of games they offer are grouped into certain categories based on the specific characteristics of each game. Then there are several categories that they have: Live Casino, which is filled with various games commonly found in casino-related entertainment; Live Game Shows, offering live entertainment game shows; First Person, providing an immersive experience from a first-person perspective; and Slots, for online slot enthusiasts. Make sure to try them all!


  • Certified, Licensed, and Accredited

To ensure the comfort and safety of its clients, Evolution Gaming has guaranteed the quality of its professionalism and services. The company and various products owned by this provider are continuously monitored by the best quality assurance and security agencies in the online gaming and gambling industry. Through its efforts, Evolution Gaming has won various international standard certifications, licenses, and accreditations. It leads the service performance owned by Evolution Gaming to be better maintained and always on-point. Therefore, don’t hesitate to join and enjoy the various games of Evolution Gaming.


  • Supported by cutting-edge technology

In order to produce a service that is always optimal and meets international standards, Evolution Gaming is equipped and supported by various leading-edge technologies in its class. It makes all services owned by Evolution Gaming always ready and never stop. Evolution Gaming also has hundreds of operators, ready to deal with the client’s needs 24/7. So don’t worry, Evolution Gaming will always prioritize your gaming experience.


So that is the discussion of various things you need to know about live casino online Singapore in the article entitled “All You Need To Know About Live Casino Online In Singapore”. For more information about Evolution Gaming’s various services and games, be sure to visit their website. You will enjoy all the offerings they have there!